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List of products by manufacturer CNC-Step Heiz

The company Hylewicz CNC technology was founded in 2005 by Frank Hylewicz

CNC-Step Heiz

It all started in January 2004 with a proprietary CNC milling machine design based on an aluminum Stranpressprofiles. The test design and test time (EMC test etc.) nearly a whole year has been used. Then, the "High-Z" was CNC router "birth" and ready for the market in January 2005 after countless tests.

In each calendar year, we produce for several years on average about 700 CNC milling machines for our customers worldwide.

As an innovative manufacturing company with 15 employees now Hylewicz CNC technology is constantly working on improvements and enhancements to increase the already high level and growth, and promote the company.

Many imitators have been in the early years of our company's existence, the basic concept of the High-Z CNC milling machines discovered for himself and built this for your own production with more or less 1:1 to minderem success. We see this as a great compliment to our basic idea and can only thank the imitators because of the quality and success of our High-Z was able to continue construction apparently no one. Latest milling in marble, stone or steel, can be the difference between a "real high-Z" in comparison to the many "replicas" determine quickly and easily.


Lo sapevi?

Per poter usare Construcam3D devi scegliere almeno la versione Win PC-NC Economy, la versione Light NON importa il G-Code.

Puoi vedere la tabella comparativa fra tutte le versioni Win PC-NC nelle schede tecniche dei nostri pantografi High_Z e RaptorX

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